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Company Overview

Sharda Tech - A pathway leading to innovation accompanied by digitalization

Sharda Tech - A pathway leading to innovation accompanied by digitalization. We are here to devise IT solutions of the future. We ideate out-of-the-box solutions to help our clients have strategic insights and implement best practices. Our policy is simple: We share a great relationship with our clients and which inspires us and fuels us to make our clients dreams a reality. In an unpredictable marketplace, we are constantly upgrading our skills and keeping abreast of futuristic technologies to cater to our client's needs. Every idea, every project, and every proposed method is put under thorough testing and step-by-step reviewed before implementation.

At Sharda Tech, we are responsive to customer concerns. We ensure absolute confidentiality of work throughout. Our deep domain knowledge makes us both unique and paramount in making informed decisions for clients. Besides maintaining quality in services through our wider gamut of skills, we thrive on establishing warm relationships and raising clientele expectations with every project.

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Our Vision

To deliver high quality technology solutions that enable customer's to meet their business goals more efficiently.

Our Mission

To continuously and successfully help our clients to increase their competitive advantage by delivering business solutions through information technology.

Core Values

We foster a 'lead by example' environment that supports mutual trust, transparency, and full disclosure. With a will to win, we respect each and every suggestion and opinion.

Our Story

The founding vision of Sharda Tech is based on a simple observation: People are constantly in quest of channels to make a thunderous impact and manage their business at the same time. We are here to help them achieve those dreams. Envisioning to take Digital Excellence to the zenith, we're consistently drawing ideas that will change the shape of IT. With the synergy of our loyalty, passion, and integrity, your brand can seamlessly interact with customers across channels.

We are growing at an unparalleled pace by building cordial relationships with our employees, clients, and vendors. Staying true to our values, we have achieved many milestones, and foresee much more in the future.


Innovation at Sharda Tech

An idea makes all the difference in the world. With a combination of young hustling minds and well-experienced professionals, we aspire to change the outlook of Digital India by bringing pioneering opportunities home. Innovation requires zeal and range of resources, from dedicated time and support staff depending on the scope of the project. We have established innovation teams, a group of cross-functional employees focused on developing new products, services, or processes for the organization. We believe in empowering our employees and give them the ability to be more innovative.

We believe in empowering our employees and give them the ability to be more innovative.

A world of Limitless Opportunities

We harvest a culture of optimism. We achieve excellence by rewarding teamwork and simultaneously respecting every employee's unique talent and aspirations. Fuel your growth and build cordial relationships while working with us. If you are passionate enough, just jump into our workspace.

We encourage continued learning to develop the potential of each employee further. Knowledge sharing proves essential to the success of business since employees learn from one another. We make aking strategic investments in employee development which is vital for strengthening teams and guaranteeing the continued success of a company.

We push employees to grow outside of their comfort zones and to innovate and experiment.

Culture and Diversity

We value diversity. At Sharda Tech, you will find employees whose work styles vary yet goal remains the same, i.e., Client Satisfaction. We believe in open discussions where the best idea wins, regardless of who shares the idea.

Diverse teams consistently outperform more equivalent groups in terms of problem-solving. Similar people share common experiences, ideas, and opinions, which closes off entire lines of discussion. People from different backgrounds have a different aspect. Their contribution and innovation allow the group to look at problems from different angles which results in something innovative.

Events & Celebration

At Sharda Tech, we believe in enjoying each and every moment of life. We are enjoying freedom of speech, expressions, emotions, thoughts and most importantly sharing fun.

Prashant Gupta

Founder and Director

Mr. Sourirajan Ranganathan

Director - Strategy